Beliefs of Islam

What the basic beliefs are?

First of all beliefs in Arabic is Iman and it means to accept as truth whatever the prophet of Islam Mohammed said so its having this unwavering belief and acceptance of first and foremost of course is belief in god (Allah) an almighty god and that’s the main thing that Islam was based on but there are six beliefs in Iman that you can read more about It here and it is:

  • Belief in Allah
  • Angels
  • The books which sent by Allah
  • Prophets
  • Hereafter (judgment day)
  • The predestination

So that’s the 6 basics beliefs and they`re all about Allah of course but also the first and foremost source is the Quran itself but Muslim scholars over the centuries has been trying to distill and put it succinctly into a creed such as Hanafi`s in particular world over.

There are like 4 ways for looking at the Islamic creed its like two different from one another, there is the “Abo Hanifa”, “imam Malek ebn Anas”, “Shafie”, “Hanbli”.

The contents between them all are the same it`s just the style and just the tone and the tenor in what they had wrote and sometimes details that’s the only difference but otherwise they are almost the same in many respects.

The beliefs can be increased or decreased between the people?

Fascinating debate amongst the Muslim scholars and there is one view which is very simply NO in a faith doesn’t actually increase it`s like all or non in physiology like you need to reach a certain threshold and once you reach that threshold then you cross it you feel like that’s it, it doesn’t really matter after that, so it’s actually meaning is you’ve entered the pale of Islam you’ve entered the boundaries of Islam and that’s it but of course there is another view that no faith keeps on increasing as your deeds and as your relationship and as your connection develops with the almighty.

To make it more simple we can make a short definition like:

Faith (Iman) in Islam: faith is ratification and reassurance, and it is a secure language between you and the creator of the universe and faith or Iman was based on 6 things in Islam which is Belief in Allah, Angels, The books which sent by Allah, Prophets, Hereafter (judgment day) and The predestination.


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