Pillars of Faith in Islam

Pillars of Faith

In Islam, there are six pillars of faith: belief in God, his angels, his writings of mankind, his prophets and messengers, the day of resurrection, and fate.

1. Faith in God (God)
Islam teaches that there is only one (God) must be worshiped and obeyed.

2. Believing in an Angel (angels)
Muslims believe that God created invisible creatures like angels. Muslims believe in their existence, names, tasks and descriptions as described in the Qur’an and Sunnah (the teachings of the Prophet).

3. Faith in God’s book
Muslims believe that God has revealed from time to moment the books of mankind through his prophets. These books originated from the same divine source; they are all divine revelation. Muslims believe in the original text of these books when they are revealed. The five prominent divine books are: 1) the Manuscripts of Abraham; 2) Zabur (psalms) revealed to the prophet David. 3) the Torah (Torah) revealed to the Prophet Moses. 4) Gospel (Gospel) revealed to the Prophet of Jesus; 5) The Holy Qur’an of the Prophet Muhammad.

4. Believing in the prophets of God
Muslims believe that God sent prophets to all mankind as a message of their guidance. Muslims believe in their existence, their names and messages, as God and His messenger have told them. The prophets are void of Divinity because divinity is exclusive only to Allah Almighty. They are all good men, honest, and pious chosen by God to be models for all mankind, whether their words and deeds are compatible with Divine Commandments.

5. Faith in the Day of Resurrection (Judgment Day)
Muslims believe that the life of this world and everything in it will end on a certain day, where everything will be eliminated. This day will send the dead. God will govern with the complete justice of each individual according to his good or bad deeds during his life, and each victim will have his rights. God will reward those who live a good life and have done good by sending them to paradise. May God forgive those who are satisfied with those who disobeyed his order, or punish them in hell.

6. Judges and Commanders (fate, Divine decree)
Muslims believe that since the whole universe is completely subject to the direction and control of God, everything that happens or happens in this universe, from the smallest to the greatest, is governed by God. Muslims put their trust in God only. However, they must make sincere efforts to strive to do their best and do their utmost, not just sit back and let things take their course in a blind resignation. This faith gives a person a tremendous degree of internal certainty, trust and heart comfort, especially in the face of pain. Moreover, he lives with the assertion that everything that comes to anyone, including death, cannot fail to come on time.

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