a picture showing the rules of the war in Islam which the prophet mentioned to his friends ABOUT ISLAM 

Islam War Rules or Jihad rules in Islam

As Islam was a new religion, Islam had many enemies and non-believers who had to fight against it and stop the prophet from changing their thoughts and their lifestyle so they fought him many times until he left to Al-Madina, they had to declare war on him so the prophet had to make war rules during that and after that in the upcoming wars since all countries around him were conquered already with Romans or Persians, we will talk about that in another topic but in this one we will…

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About Islam holy book ( Quraan kareem )

About Islam holy book “Quraan kareem” and Islam history first of all Allah subhanh oa taala Ensure that this Qur’an is preserved by himself, he said [15.9] It is We who sent down the Koran, and We watch over it. Ebn gareer said in his explanation (14/8) God says that we have mentioned the Quran and that we have a keeper for it Quran was sent to the prophet Muhammed in 23 years the second thing is The writing was few in the Arabs, and God described them as saying…

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